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Governing Body

What do Governors do?

Our school, like all the schools in the Trust, has a local governing body (LGB).

There is a scheme of delegation, which details how the LGB should work. The LGB hold meetings during the year in which they help to support the school, its leadership and pupils whilst challenging to make sure that everyone achieves as much progress as they should.

Our school’s LGB is made up of 4 trust-appointed members, who are volunteers, two parents, two staff and the Headteacher. Governors are drawn from different parts of the community which helps to ensure that the governing body has sufficient diversity of views and experience. They can invite other members of staff in to meetings to discuss current issues.  You can find out about our governors in our ‘Meet the Governors’ section below. They have to declare that they are working for the school in an open and honest way and so fill in a declarations of interests forms which can also be found below.

The LGB also works alongside a regional board where region-wide issues are discussed. The Regional Board is made up of volunteers, just like a LGB, with Headteachers and chairs of governors. There is also a team of regional officers, led by the Regional Director. They provide support to the schools in finance, HR, estates and governance.

The school governors are committed to school welfare and improvement.

In consultation with the Headteacher and other staff, their main responsibilities are to:

  • Set aims and agree policies, targets and objectives for the school
  • Support and challenge decisions
  • Help determine the ethos of the school
  • Agree how to spend the school budget
  • Appoint new Headteachers and assist in the recruitment of other staff

How does the governing body work?

There are normally six to eight meetings a year which involve the full governing body.

They are provided with reports from the Headteacher, other members of staff and from the various committees about the work they have been doing. They ask questions, make decisions, comment on proposals, offer advice and act as a sounding board for ideas. The governing body objective is always to arrive at the best solution for the school.

We monitor specific objectives listed on the School Development Plan so each Governor will be responsible for monitoring an initiative in, for example: English, Maths, Special Educational Needs etc. This allows governors to focus on a particular area and work more closely with the relevant teachers and to then feedback to the full governing body.

Our School Governing Body is made up of the following members:

Parent Governors

Mrs L. Howard (term ends 25/06/23)

Mr D. Jackson (Chair of Governors) (term ends on 01/09/23)

Staff Governors

Mrs A. Didier (Headteacher)

Mrs D. Conneely (Deputy Headteacher)

Miss R. Phillips (term ends 11/03/2023)

Mr D. Elliott (term ends 11/03/2023)

Trust Appointed Governors

Mr R. Shirley (term ends 08/02/2025)

Mrs H. Wilcock (term ends 14/10/2025)


School Business Manager Victoria Mills is invited to attend meetings.

Lead Governor Roles and Responsibilities

Child Protection and Safeguarding

Mrs L. Howard

Grants and Pupil Premium

Miss R. Phillips


Mrs H. Wilcock



Health and Safety

Mr D. Elliott

Chair of Governors/Finance 

Mr. D Jackson 

Meet the Governors

Derek Jackson- Chair of Governors 

I am employed in HM Forces as a Transport Officer at Beacon Barracks, Stafford.  I have lived in Stafford since moving from Germany in August 2015.

Having served in the Army for nearly 24 years I have had the opportunity to serve in many countries over the world in various occupations performing many exiting and challenging functions, all of which over time have provided me with knowledge, skills and experience.  Having had these opportunities I decided that I would like to give something back, to use my experience and knowledge if and when I can outside of the forces.

Having had all three of my children educated at Veritas I applied for the role as Parent Governor and following my first Local Governing Body meeting, I was accepted and appointed as Parent Financial Governor.  I look forward to settling into the appointed role as soon as possible where I will aim to make a positive contribution to the education and welfare of all Children and provide support where needed to school leaders and staff.

Rob Shirley - Trust Appointed Governor

I have lived in Eccleshall for 16 years and currently have 2 children at Sir Graham Balfour High School in Stafford. Although they did not attend Veritas Primary Academy, I have recent experience of parenting children through primary school life.

I have worked for the last 25 years as a senior manager in the manufacturing sector supplying the construction industry. In this time, I have acquired a wide-range of skills including operational planning and management, people management, budgetary control, project management and compliance management.

I achieved a Masters’ Degree in Business Administration (MBA) from Aston University in 2019 and this inspired a desire to make use of my knowledge, skills and experience in a wider manner.

Wishing to make a contribution to my local community, I volunteered to become a school governor and am delighted to have been appointed to the LGB of Veritas Primary Academy. This is my first governor position and I hope my background will add a diverse view to proceedings.

I am very much looking forward to working with the other members of the governing body to support the children, the Headteacher and staff, and for the future development of the school.


Helen Wilcock - Trust Appointed Governor

I have only recently moved to Staffordshire. Prior to that I lived in Suffolk and had a career as a dietitian specialising in paediatrics - in particular working with children with extra needs. I have four children myself and now that they have grown and flown to this side of the country I was prompted to retire and move this way. I love Staffordshire and have felt very welcomed here.

Having been a governor at an upper school in Suffolk for 17 years, I found I was missing the challenge of the governing role. I was delighted to be selected to be a Governor at Veritas Primary School as I have heard such good things about the school.

For a significant part of my time as a governor I had the responsibility of SEND link governor, supporting the SENCO in the school. I am very pleased to take on the same role with some similar and some new challenges at Veritas Primary School.

I am excited to have the opportunity to get to know the school better and hope that my previous experience will contribute to the already established and dedicated governing body.

David Elliott- Staff Governor 

I began my teaching career at Veritas during my first placement on my PGCE in 2016. I was amazed by the school and was keen to make sure I landed a job here once I had qualified. I’m now in my third year of teaching here and I couldn’t wish for a better school to work at.

As well as Class Teacher, I have the role of the school’s 11 Before 11 Adventure Ambassador, which allows me to provide memorable, educational experiences for all children across the school. I applied to be a Governor as I wanted the opportunity to combine my classroom experience along with my passion for the wider school life to help support the school as it continues to grow. I feel very grateful for this opportunity, so early on in my career, and I’m looking forward to working with a great team of people.

Rebecca Phillips- Staff Governor

I am currently in my second year of teaching at Veritas Primary Academy, after previously teaching at another REAch2 school, which is where I started my teaching career.

I have held volunteer roles outside of teaching with charities such as Girl Guiding and Staffordshire Federation of Young Farmers’ Clubs, holding leading roles within both to support the running and viability of these organisations. I hope to be able to use some of the skills and experience gained with my volunteer roles in the school.

Within school I am the Educational Visits Coordinator. This role ensures that our school is providing safe, relevant and engaging visits for our children, to broaden their opportunities and give high-quality life experiences.

I am very much looking forward to using my skills to help develop the school and work alongside other passionate individuals supporting the future of Veritas.

Declaration of Pecuniary and Personal Interests

Governors and trustees have a legal duty to act only in the best interests of their schools.

Where a situation arises in which they cannot do this due to a personal interest they have, steps should be taken to identify, prevent and record the conflict. This ensures governors or trustees are acting in the best interests of the school.

Pecuniary interests

Generally, governors should not participate in any discussions in which they or their relatives may directly or indirectly benefit from a pecuniary interest, except where the relevant authority has authorised this i.e. legislation for maintained schools or articles of association for academies.

A direct benefit refers to any personal financial benefit and an indirect benefit refers to any financial benefit you may have by virtue of a relationship to someone who stands to gain from a decision of the governing board. Both direct and indirect interests must be declared.

Angela Didier

David Elliott

Derek Jackson

Lyndsey Howard

Rebecca Philips

Rob Shirley

Helen Wilcock

Non-pecuniary interests (Conflicts of loyalty)

There may be a non-pecuniary interest whereby the governor does not stand to gain any benefit but a declaration should still be made.

For example, this might be where a governor has a family member working in the school. While the governor might not benefit personally, their judgment could be impaired if something was brought up that would affect the family member.

Minutes of Governing Body Meetings

Governing Body Minutes - 1st July 2020

Governing Body Minutes- 8th October 2020

Governing Body Minutes- 9th February 2021 

Governing Body Minutes- 4th May 2021 

Governing Body Minutes- 14th October 2021 

Attendance of Governors at Meetings

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