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Extra-Curricular Activity Clubs

Learn, Develop, Create

Joining a club or a team is a fun way to try new sports, learn a new skill, and make friends.

We believe it is very important that children extend their interests and talents as much as possible outside of the classroom as well as in. Children learn and develop important life-skills such as teamwork, co-operation, creativity and most importantly opportunities to challenge themselves.

There are various clubs that are run after school including a wide range of enrichment, creative and sporting activities run by our dedicated staff to enable children to participate in activities whatever their talents or skills. We also have other outside skilled providers that run clubs alongside our staff to help us in our aim to cater for all interests and all ages.

Clubs vary each term and parents are informed about what is on offer before the start of each term. All clubs are run 3.30pm to 4.30pm, and can be booked online using your Tucasi Scopay account.

Here is a list of the clubs currently running throughout the Summer term:


  • Lego Club for R to Y2
  • Rounders Club for Y3 to Y6
  • Hogwarts Club for Y3 to Y6
  • Young Voices for Y4 to Y6


  • Mad Labs Science Club for Y3 to Y6
  • Zumba for R to Y2 (External provider)


  • Games Club for Y1 to Y2
  • Gymnastics Club for R to Y2
  • Masterchef/Bake Off Club for Y3 to Y6
  • Zumba for Y3 to Y6 (External provider)


  • Arts & Crafts Club for Y1 to Y2
  • Arts & Crafts Club for R
  • Gymnastics Club for Y3 to Y6