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A Sense of Lockdown

We are so proud of our Year Six children who worked alongside Year 6's from Heath Hayes Academy, Lawley Village Academy, Norton Canes Academy and Silkmore Academy to produce this short video - A Sense of Lockdown.

We thought it so important for them to have their voices be heard and have a chance to express themselves. Since we started we have already witnessed some incredibly powerful outcomes, which justifies how important it is to offer children maximum opportunities to talk, engage and share their stories, after all, mental health and support services were already over stretched even before the pandemic.

A huge thank you to Laura Berridge at Arts-Insight (www.arts-insight.com); the Andrew Lloyd Webber Foundation and of course Reach2 Academy Trust for their support and giving us this fantastic opportunity.

E-Safety Week 2019

We had Music Plus Trust in for an exciting project, "Will You Like Me?" to celebrate our learning during E-Safety Week.

The project looks at social media and ways in which it impacts on our children, and their families. Recently, the Children’s Commissioner highlighted the importance of helping our children learn about these issues and we believe this is a key aspect of life and growing up in our community today. ‘Music Plus Trust’ is an educational charity directed by Andy Silver founder of the ‘PopUK’ project, which empowers children with messages about key life skills and values that are important in modern life.


During the first day, all the children learnt 3 songs, teaching them about social media and it’s affect on their emotions and wellbeing. Then at the end of the week the children recorded the 3 songs and held a celebration assembly where the songs were performed and the learning shared.

Have a listen for yourself!