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Spiritual, Moral, Social & Cultural (SMSC)

Veritas Primary Academy will be a diverse school made up of many different cultures and faiths.

We aim to celebrate all of these offering our children an enriching educational experience.

Spiritual Development:

  • Veritas in a multi-faith school and we actively learn about and celebrate a range of faiths e.g. Diwali, Christmas, Chinese New Year and Easter. 
  • We will also include significant celebrations that are important to our specific school community.
  • We will invite visitors from local religious organisations to visit the school and attend school assemblies. 
  • Each year group will learn about the six main religious of the world: Islam, Christianity, Sikhism, Judaism, Hinduism and Buddhism. 

Moral Development:

  •  Assemblies are focussed on morals and the messages found in multi-faith and cultural stories, the children share a story and go over the moral, reinforcing the importance of good behaviours and attitudes.
  • Circle Time/PSHE topics enable children to recognise the difference between right and wrong and help them develop and become positive members of society. 
  • Class charters will be agreed by the children.
  • We will use class dojo to inspire children to strive for the best classroom learning behaviour across the school.
  • There will be behaviour award certificates grasshopper, expert, master, sensai, as well as star writer and Headteacher certificates. Headteacher certificates are awarded for effort, achievement and personal growth.
  • A home/school agreement will be signed by children, parents and school to ensure we are all working together to uphold our responsibilities.
  • The school behaviour policy will be shared with parents to ensure that they are clear with all procedures.

Social Development:

  • We will appoint a School Parliament through a whole school process to demonstrate democracy in action to our children and allowing them to air their views.
  • Children will participate in a Macmillan coffee morning, Children in Need, Sport Relief, Comic Relief and support local community charities and events. We hope to visit a local care home to sing carols.
  • Children will be taught and encouraged to respect each other’s beliefs through PSHE and topic lessons.
  • Success will be celebrated in our Celebration Assemblies. There will be attendance awards for individual children and classes.
  • We will elect school captains who will carry out different duties around the school to help uphold our school culture. Duties will include: modelling for other children how to behave well; helping visitors who come to the school; taking responsibility for helping the school office; organising other pupils at assembly time; working with the teachers to make our school the best it can be.

Cultural Development:

  • Cultural diversity will be celebrated throughout the school in displays.
  • We celebrate different and diverse authors and consider their influence on British Culture.  
  • We celebrate significant playwrights and perform plays in KS2. 
  • We take part in Stafford's Gotta Sing and Gotta Dance events and Young Voices.
  • We undertake and range of trips and events throughout the school year.