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Vision & Ethos

Aspiration, Enrichment, Opportunity

Our Vision

Veritas is a vibrant and friendly school which is noticeable from the moment you walk through the door.

We challenge our team of dedicated educators to foster a love of learning within their students and to encourage our pupils to be confident, resilient, articulate and enthusiastic students who have high aspirations.

At Veritas Primary Academy our vision is one of aspiration, enrichment and opportunity. We want Veritas to be a place where children make happy memories and where they aspire to be the best they can and through learning opportunities and high quality enrichment, the skills to become responsible citizens and to lead happy, healthy lives.

We believe children learn best when they feel valued and respected. Veritas is proud to provide a calm and happy atmosphere where we set high standards of respect, courtesy, hard work and achievement for all children and adults. We are committed to providing learning opportunities that will support our students in developing into well rounded pupils and aim for children to be inspired to explore and discover new skills and learning habits in a creative and safe environment; no matter where they are on their learning journey.

Our curriculum is designed to give children hands-on experiences so that they learn to use and apply their skills to solve problems in a variety of contexts. The curriculum engages and inspires our children through a series of learning-adventures that contextualises and gives the children a purpose for their learning.

We aim to help children to become ‘life-long’ learners who are ambitious, confident and able to articulate their thinking clearly. We place a high importance on resilience so that our children are not afraid to make mistakes, face challenges and learn from them.

We teach our children to value teamwork, friendship and community ensuring that our children are respectful, considerate and polite members of our school and society and who exemplify the true meaning of ‘British Values’.

Above all, Veritas aims to be a safe, welcoming environment that builds strong relationships with our family and local community so that together we can nurture all our children to help them to believe in themselves, succeed and achieve their full potential.